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Ladle 28
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Author: DrHouse [ 2. Dec 2009, 17:50 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

ja ich bin dabei ... das sollte ich schaffen :D

Author: arilou [ 2. Dec 2009, 18:17 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

We edited our team on the Ladle Wiki

# Immortal Silence (Tremor (Tremor@forums), Sunrise, Aiphaton, Plate, ARi, INW, Killer, Ousous)

If you have a 3rd that would like to play then we can add them because one or two ID's will not make it.

Author: theroze [ 2. Dec 2009, 18:23 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

DrHouse can play.

Author: arilou [ 2. Dec 2009, 20:02 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

Okay I'll add

Do you all like -|IS}< or |IS}

Author: Aiphaton [ 2. Dec 2009, 20:38 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

yea i agree with you.... lets win this one

Author: theroze [ 2. Dec 2009, 21:08 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

arilou wrote:
Do you all like -|IS}< or |IS}

First one looks really nice.

Author: thelastSunrise [ 2. Dec 2009, 22:34 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

theroze wrote:
arilou wrote:
Do you all like -|IS}< or |IS}

First one looks really nice.


what do oyu think about tactics and positions? who is def (pos 6)? i think def should always be someone with a low ping.. so its depending on the server and we need one defender from ID and one from BS.
furthermore i would like to play with one up to two sweeper (pos 5 & 4, depending on the enemie's skills) and two blockers (pos 3 & 2 -> attackers after the blocking). the centerplayer (pos 1) should close the center right after the splitting so the enemy can't get through to our zone right at startwill attack by a center attack, then attack.
what do you think about that? xD

Author: Red Thunder [ 2. Dec 2009, 23:53 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

Hi BS people and i am so happy to be playing along side you guys for this ladle.

I was thinking we can have a practice on either Friday or Saturday before the ladle to get positions and who is doing what and so on straight before we play in ladle.

Give us a time or date and we will see if its good with the clan.

I am just going to name who can play what position from ID so we dont put people at positions that they arent comfortable with.

Center: Tremor and Arilou
Attacker: Killer, Arilou, Tremor, and Plate
Sweeper: INW, Xdr, Killer, Tremor, Arilou, Ousous and Plate
Defense: INW or Killer (Ousous...maybe)

What position you guys play so we can create a team that has everyone at a position they like.

P.S. We basically play the same way, low ping defender, two sweepers, attackers block the wings, center closes up the middle. So looks like this will go pretty well then :mrgreen: :ugeek: :geek:

Author: killer [ 4. Dec 2009, 05:23 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

yo guys just wanted to say i am looking forward to playing with you guys..I've heard some good things about some of you xD

anyways hopefully we can fit in a practice before the ladle. :D

Author: arilou [ 4. Dec 2009, 17:40 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

Tremor, Sunrise, Aiphaton, Plate, ARi, INW, Killer, XDR, DrHouse, Boxed

That's all the people on the list:

Anyone else from your clan who wishes to be added who might be able to make it?

Oh and should we be thinking of positions or practice?

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