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Ladle 28
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Author: Aiphaton [ 4. Dec 2009, 19:28 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

you added me ...... :D :D :D

Author: Fox [ 4. Dec 2009, 19:48 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

What about..... -=||BD|< ? Broken Dynasty!

Author: Red Thunder [ 4. Dec 2009, 22:35 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

Fox wrote:
What about..... -=||BD|< ? Broken Dynasty!

Umm because if we are a broken dynasty then how are we alive? lol

So you guys thinking of a practice date? or think we should practice like an hour before the ladle?

Author: killer [ 5. Dec 2009, 06:28 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

all i know is that we should really set up a practice id say sometime tomorrow if we can do that

Author: theroze [ 5. Dec 2009, 07:16 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

Ok, lets see. We have Tremor (Tremor@forums), Sunrise, Aiphaton, Plate, ARi, INW, Killer, XDR, DrHouse, Boxed.

Uhm i dont know how good you are in Att/Def, or which positions you prefer, but I really would like to see Sunrise in Pos 2/Pos 3. Good Attacker, low ping. And now some tips.

If def (for example Ari) says once Def Down, 1 come back.
If def says twice Def Down everyone comes back, except the attack if he is in the zone.

The Center (for example Tremor) needs to play both wings. Pos2 and Pos3 should split earlier than in normal fort. Like this:


Pos2 and Pos3: At the beginning of each round, turn around with a doublebind, and then two single binds. Thats a 4.0 grind or so.

For the attackers.

You have really much time, concentrate on the other zone, try to drive in binds and never, absouloutly never, drive behind the def.


Try to make a square def with only a few binds in it, and try to get speed, Itll be really difficulty to get in the zone if you have 45 speed.

Ok thats it. I think.

Author: theroze [ 5. Dec 2009, 07:23 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

ok bad news guys. We have to play against Team Poland (newbÎe, animal, matoso, mufo, sebol, slash, pike) very good team as you can see.

Author: Aiphaton [ 5. Dec 2009, 12:11 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

so we have to play some matches before ladle..... today??? or one hour before ladle???

Author: theroze [ 5. Dec 2009, 12:38 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

tomorrow, 18:00 gmt against Pru.

Author: thelastSunrise [ 5. Dec 2009, 16:50 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

i talked to Alpha in arma yesterday and he said he thinks that he can probably play...

what do you think about a little training session at 17.30gmt tomorrow? (this question goes out to all, BS and ID, just to make that sure :D) Anyway,what time would that be for you in america? is that in the morning? xD

Aiphaton and Alpha would like to play as sweepers, i dont know what DrHouse would like to be yet. I can do the def at european servers as well as attack, whatever you want me to :D (would be even better if Chris will be there, he's better at def than me :P but he didnt manifest himself about the ladle yet...(was this last sentence correct english? :D)

Author: killer [ 5. Dec 2009, 17:54 ]
Post subject: Re: Ladle 28

i can be anything in euro or American servers, but i sually defend in the ladle and i don't know what 17:30 gmt is in est lmao

I fail

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